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Professional property and real estate photography

It’s hard to argue that the good deal starts from the good image. Image is the first thing your customer runs into and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Ideally, the photographer you hire should be able not only to provide quality pictures, but also show the deep understanding of property sales and advertising while conducting the shoot and processing the photographs. This is what we do.

Benefits from using of our services

  • Be ahead of the competition

    Most of your competitors still use services of amateurs, who don’t take into account many factors that provide indeed catchy and invitative picture. Among these factors are weather and time of the day, when photos are taken, choice of the most flattering angle, using proper tools and techniques, to make the high-quality enhancing possible afterwards. That’s why all the real estate on the Internet looks similar and bland. And that’s why yours shouldn’t.
  • Get more prospective buyers

    Employing photo enhancements for marketing purposes ensure to attract more prospective buyers. If you want to get noticed online, you can do this by presenting incredibly stunning and impressive photo presentations. This will make people buzz about them and your company. Once people start talking about your business or property, they will get enticed to visit and contact you. This will lift you up for more sales. In just a short span of time, see your sales get higher than ever.
  • Sell more

    Nothing provides such a powerful emotional response, as quality visualization. It’s easy to see from feedbacks of our customers, who are always pleased to note a significant increase in contacts and sales due to our contribution.

Before and after

Image comparison before and after retouch:

Look at more examples of retouch

Photo processing

Processing of each photo supposed to undergo:

Client's reviews

  • Bertrand | Villa Rosea
    Bertrand | Villa Rosea
    An absolute pleasure to work with Dimas! He has done an excellent job for our Villa and the number of requests has increased substantially since we posted the new shots. Couldn't be happier, highly recommended :)
  • Tami Mizrahi
    Tami Mizrahi
    I'm very pleased with Dima's work, he invested a lot of patience and time, to get the best results. He is a professional in his work and he does it with love. Thank you very much
  • Flo | Infinity villa
    Flo | Infinity villa
    We met Dimas for our villa shooting photo. He was very professional. And the photos were absoluty fantastic. Since the photos were published, my villa got 50% more booking. Really !!! It was a really efficient investment, I recommend him.
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Real Estate Photography Pricing

The price of shoot real estate (any area, starting from 20 sqm) starts from 16'000 baht. This price includes:

Meeting and discussing details

Meeting with the client on the premises for examination and explanation of all technical issues, as well as for recommendations on the details of the interior.

Photographing an real estate property

Shoot of the interior and exterior whole day (from early morning until late evening). All rooms and features of your interior, all the details with many different angles.

Why does it take the whole day?

As a photographer, I see my task in depicting the place in the best possible, flattering light. Quality interior photography is more than just pushing a button, and requires thoroughness, some forethought; picking up the right angle, tools and equipment also takes time. Each ready picture consists from about 5 shots combined during post-processing. Plus every place looks differently at different time of the day and with different sources of light (sunlight, electricity, etc). All that should be taken into account. In my experience, it has always been nearly for all day long.


The shoot is only 30% from result. All pictures should to have processing. But for begin, in several days you get all the unedited pictures. And you as a customer, will choose which angles and views most suitable for you for sales your property. This cost includes handling 20 selected photos. If you need more photos, then each additional photo costs 1000 baht. After, during 3 weeks, these photographs are fully processed. Deep retouch using all of the above technologies.

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Most common questions

    • My house (apartment) is very small so I don’t need lots of photographs
      The minimal service package includes 20 enhanced photographs. Аnd it’s an optimal number to sell or lease your property successfully. The most of selling websites (like booking.com or AirBnB) require you to upload not less than 10 pictures. At the same time, it’s desirable to upload unique pictures of the same interior. Let alone the clients, who are interested to see the building from different angles and will all details, if they are going to buy it.
    • My house (apartment) is tiny, could you give me a discount?
      The smaller is the building, more difficult is to find good angles to depict it in the most flattering light. That’s why shoot of a small apartment takes at least the same time and effort as large one, if not more.
    • I’d to get my enhanced pics in a few days after shoot.

      Normally, processing time is 3 weeks. This is due to conducting other shoots and necessity to process them one by one in the queue. But it’s possible to do urgent enhancing for 3-5 days for an additional fee.

      • Urgent processing of 5 photos +3,000 THB.
      • Urgent processing of 10 photos +5,500 THB.
      • Urgent processing of 15 photos +7,000 THB.
      • Urgent processing of 20 photos +9,000 THB.

      Rush processing doesn’t mean worse quality. It’s a fee for moving your order up in the queue.

    • I need an aerial photo with the use of drone.
      It isn’t included in standard service package, but it’s possible. This kind of shoot costs 8,000 THB (only daytime or only at night) Cost of both day and nighttime shoot with the use of drone is 11,000 THB.
    • I need a video shoot with the use of drone
      Unedited video shoot costs same as photo shoot (it's required to order one additional hour of shoot). Editing and montage of 1-3 minutes video costs extra 5,000 THB.
    • Do you work in other cities/islands of Thailand?
      Yes. Service fee for Koh Samui is 16,000 THB and up.
      • For islands Koh Phangan and Koh Tao - 20,000 THB.
      • For other cities in Thailand - 30,000 THB.
    • Can you change colour of furniture, walls and other elements of interior?
      Yes. Most of time it can be done without extra money. But every case should be discussed separately. Но в каждом случае это нужно обсуждать отдельно. Anyway, we should not disappoint your customer’s expectations. For example if that person expected to see snow white walls and they turn out to be yellow - he or she will be obviously upset, and might leave bad feedback or cancel the reservation.
    • Can you remove furniture or other interior details from the picture?
      Most of time it’s too difficult. But every separate case needs to be discussed.
    • What if it rains? Can you replace the sky on the pictures?
      In case of rain it’s better to reschedule the shoot. Only sun can create specific atmosphere inside the building and sky replacement won’t be effective for that. Plus wet surfaces of windows, terraces etc. will give you away.
    • What time is the best to start shoot?
      If the sunlight hits the rooms in the morning, the best time is at dawn. Otherwise, it’s good to start at 8.00-9.00 am. Taking into account unpredictability of the weather, we might want to postpone shoot for a few hours.
    • How many unedited pictures do we get?
      It depends on the building’s size, or rather, on number of zones in every section/room. Most of time there are 1-5 zones in every section (for example, in a big bedroom there might be a bed, a table, a coffee table, a balcony). I aim to show every zone from 1-3 angles. Plus there a several types of light - natural daylight, twilight and artificial light. So it might yield from 3 to 40 pictures of one room.
    • What are your recommendations regarding selection of those 20 pictures?
      Normally it’s 2-5 pics of each room and 2-5 overall photographs. Superior are pictures that show benefits of your building.
    • Is the owner of the building supposed to be present during the shoot?
      It’s up to you, but it would be nice if someone was there to let us in, and if the owner was accessible in case when questions arise.
    • What would you recommend regarding preparation?
      • The rooms should look like a client is supposed to see them.
      • There shouldn’t be any dirty stain on shiny surfaces (windows, lacquered furniture etc)
      • Towels, robes, bath amenities should be placed in appropriate way.
      • If there are vases on the tables, they should not be empty.
      • Would be nice to check if all the lamps work well.
      • If there is a dinner table, you can set it minimally.
      • There might be magazines\books on the table.
      • If you are not sure about something, it’s better to remove it.
      • Would be better to remove domestic stuff (brooms, bins, remote controls etc.)
      • If there is a hanger, something should hang on it.
      • If you offer breakfast and want a picture with it, it should be prepared in advance.
      • Would be nice to get rid of the dust. It’s nearly impossible to remove in Photoshop plus it we will have to edit it on each picture separately.
      • Let us know in advance, whether you have some unique options, that require special attention.
      • Sometimes it’s worth trying to take the picture from a neighbouring house or hill. Please let us know if you have any ideas.
      • For romantic mood, you can use candles. They look best of all in glass candlesticks/vases.

Contact details:

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